Hungry? Have a seat at our table for this savoury, japanese-inspired feast! Come taste a simple home prepared meal of comfort through an organised visual guide. We start with an easy and versatile seafood broth which will support the other dishes and bring their flavours to life. Whether very subtly against vibrant edamame or softening a creamy onion potato dish, it’s okay to drool. Enjoy bringing the flavour of Japan to wherever you are with a nourishing and healthful meal. Did we mention the best part? Teriyaki in all its rich and tangy glory, poured over omega oil powered, sustainable fish. Eat and share, Itadakimasu! いただきます!

Here are some necessary resources for those ready to take on this delicious challenge. First, take a look at an Amazon shopping we list for simple stocking up! Next, use our printer friendly version easy reference. Don't panic, we wouldn't leave you hanging! We includes notes on the timing and preparation for a perfect execution.